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GPS/GPRS Based Electronic Bus Ticketing Machines
Bus Transport Solutions
Proven product for GPS/GPRS Based Electronic Bus Ticketing Systems in India, Srilanka & Bangladesh. Simple to use, Fast & Reliable with local language support. Long life Li-on Battery, Rechargeable, 40Hrs of Operation. Generates tickets, Stage/Trip Wise Collection reports, Day close collection / Expense reports. Communicates thru USB/GPRS to Application S/W.
Cable TV Rental Collection
Cable TV Rental Collection
Most reliable, Ultra-Compact, User Friendly interface. Easy way of collection and reduce the opportunities for fraud. Area wise, Customer wise routing for collection & acknowledgment. Separate PC Software to communicate the Machine & to generate reports. Dual function alphanumeric keypad and thermal printer.

Hand Held Billing Machine
Billing Management
Portable machine useful for Restaurants, Canteens,Food stall, Petrol bunk, Retail stores, Fruit stall, Electrical / automobile / hardware shops, etc... Store 1500 items, Keep stock, Search item facility & communicate to PC. Easy to customize, Fast billing & multilevel reports. Flexibility of amount structures , Discount entries, etc.... Model available without computer customization (store 999 items).
Jewelery Shop Management
Jewelery Shop Management
Cost effective solutions for managing the peak hours in Retail shops, Jewellery shops, etc... PC software can run in hand held via Wi-Fi so that salesman scan items with Barcode scanner. Automates the stock maintenance in Ware House/Godowns, etc... Fully independent machine generates bills, Reports, etc... Easy installation provides user-friendly interface.

Van Sales/Delivery Management (With Online GPRS)
Delivery Management
All in one device, used for Order Booking,Delivery,Payments,Return of Goods,Accounts,etc. Keeps warehouse stock,Van wise stock,Customer specific price levels,Offers,Discounts,etc. Application works offline/online -GPRS, any time data synchronize with server. Area wise, Customer wise search facility and keeps accounts up-to-date. Useful for FMCG,Delivery management like milk & diary products,Mineral water distribution,etc.
Entry Ticket / Parking Ticket Machine
Token / Parking Management
No Computer, Self Customized Machine, Add / Modify / Delete, Company Details / Items, etc... Customized to any application as Entry Ticket, Parking, Token, Bill, Estimate, etc... Used for Parks, Gardens, Boat House, Parking lots, Shops, Hospitals, Cinema Theatres, etc... Generate Tickets, Item wise Reports, Shift wise Reports, Day wise reports and Accounts summary with Expense details.

Collection Terminal For Microfinance
Microfinance Collection
More suitable device for Microfinance Daily, Weekly & Monthly collection. Collection agent can record Loan Installments, Recover Transactions & Balance Details. Print receipts and statement of Accounts to the Customers. Maintain data for long time and keep reports until data's are transferred to PC. Software to customize, Maintain multiple machine records, Updates reports.
Off-site Labour Management
Off-site Labour Management
RFID / BARCODE enabled Hand held device with or without integrated printer. Useful for remote attendance management civil site etc... E-cash applications in canteens etc... Useful for meter reading, Supply chain management, Field force automation applications. Integrated with GPRS / Wi-Fi. Battery operated and integrated with highly secured software.